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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

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Watch Male Hair Loss VideoUnderstanding the Causes of Male Hair Loss and Baldness


For men experiencing thinning hair, loss and baldness, in the majority of cases the cause is a condition known as "Androgenetic Alopecia." This refers to the type of balding, commonly referred to as male pattern baldness; occurring in a pattern and usually not related to any disease process. Men who experience this kind of hair loss usually inherit it as part of their genetic makeup.

The male pattern baldness (MPB) form of androgenetic alopecia (there is also female pattern baldness) accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. By age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of substantial hair loss and by age 50

approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. About 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach 21.

Most men who suffer from male pattern baldness are insecure, embarrassed and extremely unhappy with their situation, willing to do anything to change eliminate their condition. Hair loss affects every aspect of life - from interpersonal relationships to professional life. It is not uncommon for men to change their career paths due to hair loss.

Male pattern baldness usually progresses to the familiar horseshoe-shaped fringe of hair. While most hair loss in men can be blamed on heredity, there are many possible causes, including serious diseases, reaction to certain medications, and in rare cases, even extremely stressful events. hair loss options are available no matter the cause or severity. See our Photo Gallery for before and after pictures of varying stages of male pattern baldness. The Norwood hair loss classification guide below will give you a better idea of your male pattern baldness but be sure to schedule a free scalp analysis and evaluation with the experts at MHN.


Norwood-Hamilton Scale of Male-Pattern BaldnessCAUSES OF Hair Loss in Men

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  • Alopecia areata: Generally thought to be an autoimmune disorder, causes "patchy" hair loss, often in small circular areas in different areas of the scalp.
  • Alopecia totalis: Total hair loss of the scalp, (an advanced form of alopecia areata).
  • Alopecia universalis: hair loss of the entire body, (also an advanced form of alopecia areata).
  • Traction alopecia: hair loss caused by physical stress and tension on the hair such as prolonged use of hair weaving, corn rows etc.
  • Telogen effiuvium: hair loss Caused by Physical stress, emotional stress, thyroid abnormalities, medications and hormonal causes normally associated with females.
  • Anagen effiuvium: Generally due to internally administered medications, such as chemotherapy agents, that poison the growing hair follicle.
  • Trichotillomania (TTM), or "trich" as it is commonly known, is an impulse control disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pull out scalp hair, eyelashes, facial hair, nose hair, eyebrows or other body hair, often resulting in noticeable bald patches.
  • Chemotherapy: One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatment is hair loss. Chemotherapy hair loss may occur on the scalp, face, underarms, and other places on the body.