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I love my hair thanks to Folligraft.  It took 10 years off my appearance easily.

- VIRGE, Age 53

Men's Hair Loss Solutions

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Men's Hair Loss Solutions VideoThousands of men are affected by hair loss, thinning and male-pattern baldness, each of which can be real sources of insecurity and embarrassment. Even worse, and more devastating, are younger cases where the hair loss process begins prematurely, before a man even reaches his thirtieth birthday. If you are one of these men, uncontrollably losing your hair before your time, what are your options?


MHN IS HERE to Help you find yourself again.



While there is still no "magic," one-size-fits-all solution that can gallantly promise everyone it will re-grow their hair; MHN does provide an array of effective hair loss solutions that offer the look and feel of completely natural hair in whatever style and color you desire. You can try a entirely new style or return to your own comfortable, pre-loss style.

MHN Hair Studio has designed exclusive methods of hair enhancement, restoration, and hair loss prevention treatments customized to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences. Using cutting edge technology, the expert staff at MHN promises to help you find a solution that works for your individual needs, and gets you back on the road to confidence.

MHN Hair Studio Men's Hair Loss Solutions Gaurantee

Custom Prosthesis

for Chemotherapy, Radiation patients and for clients suffering from Total Alopecia

Local hair salons and hospitals have referred patients to MHN Hair Studio for custom prosthesis or custom wigs. We understand how emotional rapid hair loss can be during medical treatment and MHN can provide you with the personal care and privacy you will need.

It is recommended to come in prior to starting chemo so that we may see how you style and wear your hair. This will enable us to duplicate your hair perfectly, if not previous photos will help us design a natural hair enhancement that will allow you to look good and feel confident about your appearance during this sensitive time in your life.

For clients suffering from Total Alopecia, MHN can design a comfortable human hair prosthesis that will look and feel like your own growing hair. During your consultation our professional hair consultants will sit down with you privately and assist you in choosing hair color, length and texture of hair. Hair care and maintenance of the prosthesis and any questions you may have will all be addressed during the consultation.

Call 1 (800) HAIR-202 and schedule a private consultation.



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Our approach to hair replacement is different. It is an artistic approach. It’s what makes us unique. For over 40 years, we’ve been setting the standard others only try to achieve. Our patented techniques allow us to give you back your hair in a way that is completely natural in both appearance and touch without surgery.

It's your choice. Hair restoration can be done in a single visit or over progressive sessions. It's as if a "miracle treatment" is making your hair grow. And that's exactly how it looks and feels.

Sensigraft Men's Hair Loss Solution Before and After


State-of-the-art Men’s Hair Restoration Technology for Male Pattern Baldness

Totally Natural.  Completely Undectable.

Sensigraft is a non-surgical graft procedure that provides an undetectable custom solution to male pattern hair loss. Look closely at the SensiGraft hairline: Individual hairs emerging from the scalp, in light density following an irregular pattern. This is how a real, growing hairline looks. Natural results without the downtime of surgery.


Folligraft 3.1 Men's Hair Loss Solution Before and After

Folligraft 3.1

Folligraft 3.1 is different from any other type of non-surgical hair restoration ever made available to the general public. In a process spanning several hours, Folligraft 3.1 adds new hair directly to the scalp with out surgery. The new hair is may be placed anywhere on the scalp where the hair is needed: hairline, crown, mid-scalp, temporal area, etc. What holds the hair to the scalp is our exclusive Derma Bond process that makes the Folligraft hair as secure as your own natural hair. Not all men are eligible for the Folligraft 3.1. To see if you qualify, you have to come in to one of our 2 locations for a free evaluation.


How does Folligraft 3.1 look? Just like your own growing hair. There is no discernible difference. None at all, aside from the fact that the hair itself does not grow.

The proof is in the pictures you see here. Were you to see these men on the street, even if you were to touch their hair and examine their scalps, you would swear that this was their own growing hair.

How can this be? Again, the Derma Bond process makes Folligraft 3.1 possible. It is also what makes it so natural looking. Because the hair is applied directly to the scalp, there is no bulk, and best of all, no “hard hairline” that is common with toupees and hair systems.

All there is to see with Folligraft 3.1 is hair and scalp. All there is to feel with Folligraft 3.1 is hair and scalp. And what could look, or be, more natural than that? But as previously stated, not all men are eligible for the Folligraft 3.1. Call 1(800) HAIR-202 for a free evaluation and to see if you are a candidate.

Men's Low Level Laser Hair Therapy Hair Loss Solution

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

Perhaps at this time of your life you have a full head of hair but you’ve noticed that other members in your family have lost their hair, or you started noticing that your hair is not as thick as it once was. An early hair loss prevention protocol may be the solution you are looking for.

MHN’s Men's Two Tiered Approach Hair Loss Solution

MHN’s Two Tiered Approach

MHN Hair Now™, Two-Tiered Approach®, the best of Surgical & Non-Surgical hair restorations.

Consistent with our heritage of continual improvement, MHN Hair Now™ is the only company to now offer a Two Tiered Approach™ to correct hair loss problems. We can accomplish this by using your own frontal hairline or through the use of a hairline created by surgical transplantation. Although MHN Hair Studio is a non surgical hair restoration facility, our 40 years of experience enables us to work with men that have had hair transplant surgery. Many men visit MHN after having hair transplant surgery to further enhance their transplants with more density. The Two Tiered Approach method is also suggested for men and women who have lost too much hair and would not benefit by surgical alone. Prominent hair transplant surgeons in the New York Metropolitan area refer their patients to MHN Hair Studio when their patients do not have enough donor hair for surgery.

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