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MHN replaced my hair, it was as if the old me had came back.

- R. HARLEY, Astoria, NY

Women's Hair Loss Solutions

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Female Hair Loss VideosTo look good is to feel good.

Female pattern hair loss or thinning hair can be painful and embarrassing. Forty million women in the United States suffer from genetic hair loss between the ages of 25 to 45 that’s almost 1 in 5. Others suffer from thinning hair as a result of chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

At MHN Hair Studio, we understand that women's hair loss solutions are not the same as those in men. Hair is a large component of beauty. Hair is what frames your face and defines your features. MHN Hair Studio has designed exclusive methods of hair enhancement, hair loss prevention treatments and hair restoration customized to a woman’s unique lifestyle.

MHN Hair Studio™ specializes in female hair loss and has many women's hair loss solutions.

MHN Hair Studio is your exclusive local provider of Reallusions® hair replacement solutions by Transitions International. Whether you’re just beginning to see thinning hair or are progressing toward complete baldness, MHN can create an individually customized solution just for you. Reallusions® hair replacement systems were designed specifically for women and will give your hair the natural-looking fullness, volume and length you’ve been missing.

We understand how important having beautiful looking hair is to a woman’s image and self-esteem. MHN’s customized methods of hair enhancement utilizes healthy human hair or the highest quality synthetics for added volume and length for women seeking more fullness and complete hair restoration for women with advanced hair loss. Women continually tell us how having beautiful hair again has boosted their self-confidence and esteem.

Our highly trained hair staff has been helping women for over 42 years.

Best of all no one will ever know that you had your hair enhanced. You can create any hair style you want with complete confidence.

Reallusions® Hair Replacement Solutions

Now you can have natural beautiful hair with a completely undetectable hairline. Reallusions® is an upgraded non-surgical innovation specifically designed for women with androgenetic or female pattern hair loss. At MHN, we have expertise in applying the full range of Reallusions® solutions. We’re the exclusive Transitions International provider in our region!

With Reallusions®, hair can be replaced in any area of the scalp, recreating a totally natural frontal hairline. Reallusions® is specifically designed for women who suffer from female pattern baldness or alopecia, as well as burn and scar victims.

Our goal, and the mission of Transitions International, is to provide affordable hair restoration and women's hair loss solutions while providing care, compassion and confidentiality to each and every client.

Reallusions® – it’s more than just hair. It’s a way of life!

Women's Free Hair Loss Evaluation

Women's Custom Prosthesis Before and AfterCustom Prosthesis & Wigs

for Chemotherapy, Radiation patients and for clients suffering from Total Alopecia

Local hair salons and hospitals have referred patients to MHN Hair Studio for custom prosthesis or custom wigs. We understand how emotional rapid hair loss can be during medical treatment, and MHN can provide you with the personal care and privacy you will need. Thanks to our Reallusions® product lines, we’re able to offer both real human hair and synthetic options that will renew your style, confidence, and comfort.

It is recommended that you come in prior to starting chemo so that we may see how you style and wear your hair. This will enable us to duplicate your hair perfectly, if not previous photos will help us design a natural hair enhancement that will allow you to look good and feel confident about your appearance during this sensitive time in your life.

For clients suffering from Total Alopecia, MHN can design a comfortable human hair prosthesis that will look and feel like your own growing hair. During your consultation our professional hair consultants will sit down with you privately and assist you in choosing hair color, length and texture of hair. Hair care and maintenance of the prosthesis and any questions you may have will all be addressed during the consultation.

Call 1 (800) HAIR-202 and schedule a private consultation to learn more about our women's hair loss solutions.

Women's Hair Enhancement Method Before and AfterHair Enhancement Method for Women with Advanced Hair Loss

MHN’s Hair Enhancement Method introduces new hair to the scalp without surgery. The process creates bridges where once there was no hair at all. With The Hair Enhancement Method, you can pinpoint the restoration to isolated thinning areas or fill in a scalp from crown to hairline.

Beautiful, silky human hair is matched identically to your own, in color and texture. The hair blends perfectly with your existing hair it moves, tosses and turns just like your own hair. There is absolutely no difference because it is 100% healthy human hair just like your original hair.

The new hair is blended with your own, becoming a part of you. MHN’s Hair Enhancement Method doesn’t restrict your lifestyle. It has the opposite effect. You can swim; do aerobics as you’ve always done. You are no longer a slave to hiding your hair loss.

Beautiful, natural and undetectable. These are some of the words our clients use to describe MHN’s Hair Enhancement. Because as you can easily from the women pictured here, you’ve never seen anything like it. So natural that you’ll find yourself catching your reflection in mirrored surfaces out of the amazement that it is really you you’re seeing. To see if you are a candidate for MHN’s Hair Enhancement Method, call 1(800) HAIR-202 to schedule an appointment for free confidential evaluation at one of our 2 locations.

Women's Hair Integration System Before and AfterHair Integration System for Women with Fine or Thinning Hair

At MHN, we apply Reallusions®’ state-of-the-art hair integration system. No matter what degree of hair loss you’re experiencing, this personally designed solution will add fullness, length, and body to your existing hair. This undetectable hair replacement option is feather-light, secure, and completely natural in appearance.

MHN’s exclusive hair augmentation technique blends Reallusions® hair with your own hair to provide the volume and thickness you desire. With the Integration Strands system you can style you’re your hair anyway you choose.

Experiment with different styles, highlights or color. Wear your hair up today, straight down or in flirtatious waves tomorrow.

Unlike traditional hair augmentation methods, the hair integration system has no lumps or bumps. We don’t use wax or braids - just our patented medical adhesive or Euro Links to blend beautiful hair with your own. The results are beautiful and natural with MHN’s Integration System.

To see if you are a candidate for Reallusions® Hair Integration, a private consultation is necessary.

Reallusions Invisible Hair Extensions Before and AfterReallusions® Invisible Hair Extensions

Hair extensions aren't just for celebrities and models. Women just like you love hair extensions, because they can transform your hair instantly – for everyday style, a special event, or a shocking new look. Reallusions® Invisible Hair Extensions will make your hair look longer or thicker, and provide increased hair volume where you want it. It’s the gentlest way to quickly and dramatically change your hair.

Reallusions® Invisible Hair Extensions are crafted from 100% human hair for totally undetectable results that can be styled any way you like. It’s never been easier or more affordable to have long, thick, healthy, beautiful looking hair flowing down over your shoulders. With Reallusions® hair extensions from MHN, you need not limit your active lifestyle in any way. You can have a beautiful, thicker head of hair in under 2 hours. Schedule a free consultation and demonstration to find out if you’re a candidate for Reallusions Invisble Hair Extensions or other women's hair loss solutions.


Women's Wedding Makeovers


MHN Hair Studio offers Wedding Makeovers with our exclusive Hair Enhancement techniques.

Call 1(800) HAIR-202 for a free wedding makeover consultation. Our professional hair consultants will work with you to customize your makeover and make sure you hair will look beautiful and glamorous on your wedding day. It is in your best interest to come in at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding date to ensure proper planning.

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