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A Word from Our Clients

MHN replaced my hair, it was as if the old me had came back.

- R. HARLEY, Astoria, NY

MHN Male Hair Restoration Success Stories

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I used to work with a plastic surgeon. I liked what he was doing … but he didn’t make it look natural. I spoke to him and he actually suggested MHN. Some people tell me I look twenty years younger. Who doesn’t like to be twenty years younger?



I felt sort of imprisoned with one look & felt my confidence dwindling, like the age was starting to seep in. If I could find a way to stop or slow it down, why not? I found MHN & that was the greatest thing I did. I was a little concerned about getting an operation but this other option of hair replacement was perfect for me. It works and does what I need it to do. I walk out every day confident with it, I can style it however I want. It’s a simple, very easy product. I come in here about an hour or 45 minutes for the whole process to go through. They treat you really nicely & make you feel at home. It’s an easy, painless process & I recommend it, 100 times.



Twenty-five with thinning hair, it’s why I decided to come. I felt pretty good about my experience, because it felt very natural. I wasn’t necessarily motivated to get myself back into shape – this helped. It’s nice to run outside without a hat on. When I’m at MHN for treatment, it doesn’t take very long – about an hour at most. I’ve found that I really don’t have to come in that often, it pretty much maintains itself. I would listen to the people here at MHN because they know what they’re talking about.



I had to do something and I love the results. I’m in the entertainment business; I’m in front of a lot of people. I’m on stage, I’m on camera. I want something that’s going to be natural. My wife said … the first day, “That’s the guy I married.” She loves it, the audience loves it, and I love it.



Coming into MHN at 24 years old was unfathomable. My hair was thinning out so much that when I dealt with people on a daily basis, I always wondered are they looking at my hair or at me? Are they actually listening or are they thinking other thoughts? Now I know that’s not the case, I have the upmost confidence that I can go up to people without having to worry about the distraction of my hair.

Alex M. – Long Island, NY

P. Smithie Male Hair Restoration Success Story


“I tried different creams and lotions to get my hair back and nothing worked. When I went to MHN I was given all my options and I decided to have my hair replaced. I felt nervous at first but the staff made me feel comfortable. I look the way I did before I lost my hair and I feel great. My girlfriend doesn’t have a clue.”

P. Smithie – Bayside, NY

M. Rodriguez Male Hair Restoration Success Story


”Thank you for giving me back my hair I feel great. I don’t know why I waited so long. I think after trying different treatments without results it was hard to believe that there are options out there for men with hair loss. Thank you again.”

M. Rodriguez – Elizabeth, NJ

R. Harley Male Hair Restoration Success Story


“I used to be a very active person who enjoyed swimming, racquetball, traveling and just having plain fun. When I began losing my hair I was devastated. It was holding me back from being as active as I once was. I always wore a cap to hide my hair loss. When MHN replaced my hair, it was as if the old me had came back. I started playing sports again and going out with friends. I feel great.”

R. Harley – Astoria, NY


”I really got tired of being called the “old guy” in our group. I love my hair thanks to Folligraft. It took 10 years off my appearance easily. I like the way I look. Folligraft is easy and affordable.”

Gerri, age 29

“Hair definitely gives you more self confidence because you have a better self image. And with the technology available at MHN, no one knows I had my hair replaced.”

Jeff, age 32

“I started losing my hair at 17. magine going to the senior prom and looking like a member of the faculty instead of the senior class. After graduation I started to research hair loss options and I found MHN. I decided to have my hair restored and I’ve been a client ever since. I feel I look like I feel, my actual age. I’ve known the staff at MHN for over 10 years and to me they are a part of my extended family, so much so that I invited them to my wedding coming up this spring. Thanks to Michelle, Flora and Diane.”

Alfred, age 29

“Going thru a divorce is a very difficult thing. I decided that 2007 was going to be my year to work out and get healthy. I lost 50 pounds and I felt great. My friends noticed the difference; the only thing that bothered me was my receding hair line. So I decided to do something about that too. I found out about MHN thru the web and I decided to visit the Queens location and I took the plunge and had my hair replaced. It’s now been over a year and I haven’t looked back.”

George, age 35

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