Men's Testimonials

I had to do something and I love the results. I’m in the entertainment business; I’m in front of a lot of people. I’m on stage, I’m on camera. I want something that’s going to be natural. My wife said ... the first day, “That’s the guy I married.” She loves it, the audience loves it, and I love it.

Ken D.

Going thru a divorce is a very difficult thing. I decided that 2007 was going to be my year to work out and get healthy. I lost 50 pounds and I felt great. My friends noticed the difference; the only thing that bothered me was my receding hair line. So I decided to do something about that too. I found out about MHN thru the web and I decided to visit the Queens location and I took the plunge and had my hair replaced. It’s now been over a year and I haven’t looked back.

George, age 35

I started losing my hair at 17. Imagine going to the senior prom and looking like a member of the faculty instead of the senior class. After graduation I started to research hair loss options and I found MHN. I decided to have my hair restored and I’ve been a client ever since. I feel I look like I feel, my actual age. I’ve known the staff at MHN for over 10 years and to me they are a part of my extended family, so much so that I invited them to my wedding coming up this spring. Thanks to Michelle, Flora and Diane.

Alfred, age 29

Hair definitely gives you more self confidence because you have a better self image. And with the technology available at MHN, no one knows I had my hair replaced.

Jeff, age 32

I really got tired of being called the “old guy” in our group. I love my hair thanks to Folligraft. It took 10 years off my appearance easily. I like the way I look. Folligraft is easy and affordable.

Gerri, age 29

I used to be a very active person who enjoyed swimming, racquetball, traveling and just having plain fun. When I began losing my hair I was devastated. It was holding me back from being as active as I once was. I always wore a cap to hide my hair loss. When MHN replaced my hair, it was as if the old me had came back. I started playing sports again and going out with friends. I feel great.

R. Harley – Astoria, NY

Thank you for giving me back my hair I feel great. I don’t know why I waited so long. I think after trying different treatments without results it was hard to believe that there are options out there for men with hair loss. Thank you again.

M. Rodriguez – Elizabeth, NJ

I tried different creams and lotions to get my hair back and nothing worked. When I went to MHN I was given all my options and I decided to have my hair replaced. I felt nervous at first but the staff made me feel comfortable. I look the way I did before I lost my hair and I feel great. My girlfriend doesn’t have a clue.

P. Smithie – Bayside, NY

Coming into MHN at 24 years old was unfathomable. My hair was thinning out so much that when I dealt with people on a daily basis, I always wondered are they looking at my hair or at me? Are they actually listening or are they thinking other thoughts? Now I know that’s not the case, I have the utmost confidence that I can go up to people without having to worry about the distraction of my hair.

Alex M. – Long Island, NY

Twenty-five with thinning hair, it’s why I decided to come. I felt pretty good about my experience, because it felt very natural. I wasn’t necessarily motivated to get myself back into shape – this helped. It’s nice to run outside without a hat on. When I’m at MHN for treatment, it doesn’t take very long – about an hour at most. I’ve found that I really don’t have to come in that often, it pretty much maintains itself. I would listen to the people here at MHN because they know what they’re talking about.


I felt sort of imprisoned with one look & felt my confidence dwindling, like the age was starting to seep in. If I could find a way to stop or slow it down, why not? I found MHN & that was the greatest thing I did. I was a little concerned about getting an operation but this other option of hair replacement was perfect for me. It works and does what I need it to do. I walk out every day confident with it, I can style it however I want. It’s a simple, very easy product. I come in here about an hour or 45 minutes for the whole process to go through. They treat you really nicely & make you feel at home. It’s an easy, painless process & I recommend it, 100 times.


I used to work with a plastic surgeon. I liked what he was doing ... but he didn’t make it look natural. I spoke to him and he actually suggested MHN. Some people tell me I look twenty years younger. Who doesn’t like to be twenty years younger?


Women's Testimonials

I had noticed the thinning of my hair for many years; my mom suffers from it also. It just got worse and is something that really damaged my self-esteem. After I found out about MHN, I did my homework. I watched the videos & testimonials. Go in for a meeting; give it a shot & see how you feel. I feel like the real, beautiful, confident person that I am... MHN helped bring it out.


I began losing my hair around age 19 after years of not eating properly and medication that actually made me lose the hair. I had two transplants and the doctors said the hair follicles are never coming back. I needed something... my hair would limit me from what I would do. When I had this procedure done, it was permanent. It was mine. My youth was given back to me.


I’ve been coming to MHN for 10 years, initially due to Alopecia. My hair loss was pretty bad and I did not know what I wanted to do about it so I came in for a consultation. After about 10 minutes I was convinced. I’m very happy with the results; I feel extremely confident with the way I look today and will continue to come here!

E.M. – Brooklyn, NY

To me, hair represents strength. When your hair looks great, you feel good about yourself and you can do anything. I sing at clubs and family functions – when the lights are on me I want to look my best. When I found out about MHN Hair Studio, I realized that there was finally a solution to my problem. My family was very supportive and now they are enjoying my new found self-confidence. My friends and co-workers just think I look great.

S. Withrow – Mineola, New York

I’m the busy mother of three on-the-go children. At work, I’m a registered nurse, meeting patient’s everyday at the hospital. For years I had been unhappy with my dry, brittle and fragile hair that was difficult to style. I tried weaves and they were lumpy and felt very uncomfortable. Then I went to MHN and I had Integration Strands done and what a difference hair makes. I now can style my hair anyway I choose. I love my hair. Thanks so much.

L. Lustig – New York, NY

After years and years of braiding and weaving my hair, a lot of it has broken off. I got very depressed and felt that I looked older than I am. I went to MHN and I had my hair done. I feel like I have been reborn. I now can wear my hair in different styles and feel good about myself again.

R. Ramos – Bronx, NY

I almost never wanted to go out. I avoided social gatherings as much as possible. I was self conscious and embarrassed about my hair loss. My husband told me he loved me no matter how much hair I had. But I was not happy. After trying many products and being disappointed time and time again, I finally decided to add more hair. I was very nervous at first. But the staff at MHN; from the receptionists to the technicians were very patient and took their time to fully explain the integration process and I left feeling beautiful.

Roselyn, age 45

I started losing my hair when I was 24. My doctor told me it was genetic and that there was not much he could do. I spent a lot of money on thickening shampoos but saw no results. I was so depressed about my hair that I did not want to go out with friends. It’s very hard being a woman with thinning hair. I felt that everyone was looking at my head. One night I was researching on the web and I came across MHN. I emailed them and I decided to go in for a consultation. I went for it and had the integration process done. It’s now been a year and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you to Michelle, Flora and Ronnie for helping me regain my self confidence and giving me more hair. I now look the way I am supposed to look.

Leann, age 25

Losing my hair was very traumatic. I tried highlights, teasing it, anything to keep my scalp from showing. It hurts beyond description when you lose your hair. I cried tears of joy when I got my hair restored at MHN. I found my new self. I love it. I feel great.

Josephine, age 28

  • Feel Confident Again

    Feel Confident Again

    Losing your hair can also cause you to lose your confidence. This, in turn, can make you impose restrictions on yourself. At MHN Hair Restoration, we want to restore your confidence and eliminate those restrictions. We look to impress you with the hope of hair replacement.

    Learn more about the different options that are available to you. Contact the MHN Hair Restoration team in New York today, or come visit us and receive a free consultation.

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