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One of the original NYC hair restoration studios, MHN Hair Restoration has been a recognized leader in the industry for 50 years and counting. In that time, we have only deepened in our passion for helping clients find the right hair replacement solutions. No matter the cause or the extent of your hair loss, we can work with you to uncover a solution that helps restore your hair—and your self-confidence.

hair replacement options from MHN

Our team of stylists is pleased to work with men, women, and children alike. Our services for men provide options for those facing male pattern baldness as well as other forms of hair loss, including hair lost from chemotherapy or radiation. We deliver only the most sophisticated products and procedures—hair replacement techniques that we’d feel comfortable using ourselves, all of them prove to be safe and effective. What’s more, everything we do here is non-surgical, totally comfortable and painless.

Explore this page to learn more about some of the men’s hair loss solutions MHN Hair Restoration provides; or, visit us in our studio to receive a free consultation!

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

The work of hair restoration is part art and part science. Yes, there is a technical element to it, which is why MHN uses only the most advanced products. It’s also why our team members are all meticulously trained and continually updated on the latest principles in hair restoration. With that said, our stylists also approach this as an art. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of natural beauty, and only do work that is completely natural in both its appearance and its feel.

Hair restoration can be done in a number of ways. Some men prefer gradual hair regrowth, allowing for new hair to arrive in stages—simulating the appearance of normal, growing hair. Other men like to have all their hair restored in one visit. The MHN team can fulfill both desires, drawing from a number of non-surgical techniques.


Sensigraft is one such technique—completely natural and completely undetectable. This grafting procedure applies individual hairs to the hairline, so even those who look closely will not be able to tell that it is anything other than your natural, growing hair. Sensigraft provides one of the best ways to get real-looking results without the downtime of surgery.

Folligraft Logo

Folligraft 3.1

Another option we provide is Folligraft 3.1, which is another way to add real, individual hairs directly to the scalp. These hairs can be placed wherever they are needed to augment current growth and cover for thinning and loss—along the hairline, at the temples, on the crown, etc. Hair inserted via Folligraft is as secure as your natural growing hair, and it, too, is made to look and feel completely real.


hair replacement systems from MHN

MHN Hair Restoration works with men to provide them with comfortable, natural, and safe hair restoration solutions—and we know that we have a solution that’s right for you. Visit our Queens-based studio today for a free consultation.

  • Feel Confident Again

    Feel Confident Again

    Losing your hair can also cause you to lose your confidence. This, in turn, can make you impose restrictions on yourself. At MHN Hair Restoration, we want to restore your confidence and eliminate those restrictions. We look to impress you with the hope of hair replacement.

    Learn more about the different options that are available to you. Contact the MHN Hair Restoration team in New York today, or come visit us and receive a free consultation.

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