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February 16, 2013

Women's Hair Loss and It's Psychological Effects

The Social Factor

One of the reasons women's hair loss is so damaging is due to the social expectations. Even if society really does not care what women look like, women still feel as though they have to look beautiful. Hair is not just something women can go out of the house without checking and double checking. A few stray wisps of hair can be problematic for any woman, even if she still looks beautiful to anyone looking at her. The bottom line here is that because of this social factor, the psychological effects of a women's hair loss can be significant. Women may feel a range of emotions, including:

  • Worry that other people will judge her if her hair is not just right
  • Concern about the way she will fit in within a crowd
  • Frustrations over if she will stand out in the wrong way and if that will lead to other people talking about her
  • Sadness stemming from being unable to style hair in the most fashionable way
  • Embarrassment in having to explain why she looks the way she does or having to explain what is happening to a hairdresser

For all of these reasons, women's hair loss can be devastating to any woman of any age. In keeping that in mind, you may wonder what can be done to help a woman to overcome this fear. It's not easy to do because the social factor is something built into her well-being.

It's Not Easy to Cope

Another reason women's hair loss can be so devastating is that it is not easy to hide. Men can do the classic comb over to hide their balding or shave their heads. Men can also just go with it, not really needing to do anything about their hair loss because it is not a big deal publically to many. Yet, for women, coping is not easy to do.

  • Trying to hide hair loss overall, especially when it is localized can be very hard to do. Depending on the location, the only option may be to use a wig or hair replacement system.
  • Discussing the hair loss with a hair stylist is often an expensive process.
  • Many women will try and spend time and money on trying to find a hairstyle that is going to properly hide their hair loss. That is not easy to do and it can force a woman to choose a hairstyle she does not like.

What Worries Women?

As you consider the psychological effects of women's hair loss, ask yourself what worries you. If you are suffering from hair loss, what are your thoughts and concerns?

  • Do you worry about losing more hair and what that will mean for the way you look?
  • Do you feel self-conscious about the way your hair looks when you are out in public?
  • Do you avoid public activities whenever possible because you are afraid people will know?
  • Do you worry that you do not have enough hair?
  • Are you scared that you do not look attractive?
  • Do you feel that your marriage, significant relationship or employment could be on the line because of your hair loss?

If you are feeling these effects, now is the perfect time to do something about it. You can do something. The first step is to find help for your hair loss problem if possible. It may be important to open up to your doctor about the way you feel. It does have a tremendous amount of psychological effect on women, but hair loss does not have to change your goals or your quality of life. Then you may want to visit a qualified hair loss professional that can go over proven hair loss solutions for women. Take the necessary steps to becoming proactive about your hair loss and start a journey to feeling better about yourself.


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