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Summer Hair Care Tips
June 08, 2013

Summer Hair Care Tips

With the heat and humidity of summer upon us, it is time to think about caring for your hair in a new light. Summer brings with it some challenges for those who have longer hair or skin conditions affecting the hair. The good news is that with a few helpful tips, you may be able to look great while also taming your tresses. The key is to know what is changing with the seasons and how to manage it.

Protecting Your Scalp

Though you may not realize it, one of the areas of your head most at risk during the hot summer weather is your scalp. You may think that because you have hair covering it, that you do not need to do anything else to protect it from UV rays. That's not the case. This is especially true for those who have very dark or very light hair. The sun can get in. To prevent this, consider the following:

  • Wear a scarf or hat. This protects the hair itself from the high temperatures and sun's rays. Keep it lose, though. You do not want to trap in heat and you definitely do not want to hamper good blood circulation.
  • Use a leave in conditioner on your hair. This adds a layer of protection to the hair itself, but also to your scalp. It can help to reduce the intensity of the heat on your head.
  • Use a shampoo and leave in conditioner with UV Protection. These products cost a bit more, but they are ultimately worthwhile especially if you are at risk of sun burn.

If you did not use a leave in conditioner and find yourself out in the sun unprepared, do use standard sunscreen in your hair, not just on your skin. However, once you get home for the day, use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove it properly from your hair.

Avoiding Damage

Whether it is your scalp or anything else, it is critically important to protect your hair from the heat. One way to do this is to limit the amount of hot tools you use to style your hair during the summer months. This includes curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. If you simply need to use these, and many people could not dream of being without a flat iron when they have humidity-frizzed hair, it is a good idea to use a leave in conditioner or thermal protector on your hair before you use them. This adds just enough protection for your hair.

You'll also want to just focus on cool water. Use warm or cool water when washing your hair. Try to avoid steamy showers and instead take a cooling one. This helps to avoid damage and drying out that commonly occurs to hair during the summer months.

Focus on Your Health

The warm temperatures change many factors about your hair as well as about your health. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • Ensure you stay hydrated. If you do not take in enough fluids, your hair will become dry and brittle. The frizz that you feel during high humid temperatures may be combated this way.
  • Ensure you are getting anti-oxidant rich foods on a regular basis. In the summer, this is easier to do since vegetables and fruits are readily available. Eating healthy foods helps to ensure your hair is health, too.
  • If you spend the day in the pool, get out and wash your hair. Avoid leaving the chlorine and other chemicals on your skin and in your hair for very long.
  • If you have alopecia or other hair loss concerns, be sure to monitor these conditions over the summer months. Get treatment for them as soon as possible to reduce any risk of worsening the condition.

The good news is you can have fantastic looking hair with just a few careful steps. Have fun in the sun this summer while protecting your skin and hair. It also pays to invest in the right overall professionals to help with hair loss, hair complications, or overall health needs. Give your body what it needs and treat conditions as they occur. This provides you with the best overall care for your hair and skin.