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March 10, 2014

Do men prefer longer hair…blonde or brunette?

woman-with-long-straight-hair forblogSomething that hasn't changed is that guys still love long hair. Research done by Tamas Bereczkei, PhD a professor of psychology revealed in a study done with images of females with varying length hair, that men preferred women with longer hair as opposed to shorter styles. We think hair color and style depends on many factors such as skin tones and facial shape. But hair is definitely important in how you look and feel.

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian gets such long, luscious locks? What you probably don't know is that it's not just good genes, she had some help. The secret to how celebrities get such long, luscious perfect looking hair is no longer a secret... hair extensions or as they are now called hair enhancements have come a long way.

Today there are new ways to create volume and length for every lifestyle and budget. Hair extensions are being used to create bangs, to help transition to longer hair, add volume or just pump up what you have. There is a way to enhance your hair that uses a new seamless technique where the hair is applied in strips and it can be done in as little as one hour.

In some ways, hair extensions or enhancing your hair is like a fashion accessory today. Whatever you used to think of hair extensions, it's come a long way. Now you can take advantage of the secret celebrities have used for years with a new hair enhancing technique that will give your hair the look you have always wanted.

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