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April 14, 2014

Hair loss and self- esteem: Transform yourself one day at a time

Cultivate & Meet Friends

Being social and connecting with other women is a critical aspect of developing your confidence and personal happiness. Our identity is constructed in large part by the way we see ourselves. An even larger part of ourselves is created by the way we think others perceive us. Now here is the irony- the way others perceive us is completely influenced by the way we see ourselves. Our identity is co- created by others and ourselves. That's why making friends who bring out the best side of us are supportive and understanding is so important. Find friends who have the qualities that you want who bring out the best parts of who you are.

Start Exercising

Aside from the host of health benefits that exercise will bring into your life, exercising will also make you feel strong and confident. When you begin an exercise routine and stick to it, you're telling yourself and others that you consider yourself #1. Remember, start slow. Begin an exercise routine that you can handle. Start with 30 minutes a day, once a week and increase from there. If health issues keep you from exercising, adopt a meditation or yoga practice. The mere act of committing to your body and following through will do wonders for your self-esteem. Exercise helps everything including your hair.

Taking Control of Your Hair Loss

Hair restoration for women has come light years in just a short period of time. Have you visited a hair care consultant and toyed with the idea of purchasing a wig or getting an enhancement? If you've ruminated over this decision, now is the time to do it! If wearing a hair system is something that will help you get back on track, go out and buy one. You've done your research, trusting yourself in this process is essential. Listen to your own voice. For many women, having a full head of hair, styled exactly the way they want, is a key to confidence. Embrace it. Having the hair you want is just one consultation away. Make an appointment today.

Confidence works magic

When you are confident you radiate a more attractive energy and everything else falls into place. Whether you are experiencing significant hair loss or just thinning, boosting your self-esteem can make the difference with your friends, family, colleagues and your career. Today is the perfect day to begin an intentional practice with yourself to increase your sense of self. Why not enlist your closest friends in your plan to re-vamp how you and others see you and take the next step, come in for a consultation to see if enhancement and restoration might be right for you. Don't let hair loss stand in your way.