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June 09, 2014

Turning Hair Loss into a Dream Come True

Jennifer Lopez, eat your heart out! Think about it. Many women simply accept the hair they were born with and remain confined to the color, texture or length with only minor alterations here and there—an occasional cut, dye or straighten. If you are a woman experiencing female hair loss (whether genetic or medically related), you have the chance to go all the way with a beautiful investment in a human hair wig, hair additions, or hair extensions. The sky's the limit.

Think about it, you can even go for that daring cut you've been thinking about for months or years. Now you can go for that celebrity style you've always dreamed of but were too nervous to experiment with. Let's take a look at what some of these celebs have done.

Jennifer Lopez's long and lush look: Jennifer Lopez's hair is well known for being golden blond, long and wavy. She often achieves this look by layering hair extensions at different levels in her hair depending on whether she is going for big and bouncy, straight and sleek, or wavy and round. But to get that J-Lo look, you needn't spend hours at the salon or risk further damage to your hair if you are already in some stage of hair loss. There are many options for custom made 100% human hair wigs that still allow you the Jennifer Lopez fullness. MHN Hair Studio can help you create a custom wig designed to your specifications and your styling choices.

Ashley Simpson and the short look: Last year, Ashley Simpson made many appearances with a short blond haircut. This is a sleek and simple look with a side part, hair long at the top, with a nice swooping bang combed to the front. This can work with any color and is a perfect style for women with fine, thinning hair, or female pattern hair loss, mainly at the crown of their head. You are able to manipulate the part and lengths at different points on your head. This way you can take full advantage of those areas where your hair is thickest, and camouflage those areas that might be thinning.

Alek Wek and the extremely short look: The cropped hair look for women can be truly striking. Supermodel Alek Wek started her career with a completely bald head and hasn't let her hair exceed more than a ¼ inch long since. Alek's great bone structure has allowed her to don this distinct look. But she is in company with many actresses who, over the years, have opted to keep their bald heads as a high fashion statement after removing their hair for one role or another. The most popular are Sigorney Weaver, Demi Moore and more recently Natalie Portman. Even the partially shaved head on celebrities like Cassie and Rihana are gaining popularity; these styles are on the edgy-side of the spectrum. But if you are in the position to be bold and in the mood to be experimental, this look could be an option for you.

Regardless of what you ultimately choose, remember to stay open to the possibilities and enjoy the process. Remember, hair is supposed to be fun! Hair loss doesn't have to be painful. Depending on how you view it or how you deal with it, the experience can be entirely transformed, if you transform your perspective! MHN Hair Studio can help you do that.