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June 26, 2014

Focusing on Solutions for Female Hair Loss

Society is far more accepting of thinning hair in men than in women. Additionally, men can don a baldhead with much less societal pressure than a woman. Women are often judged more harshly than men when it comes to hairstyle, clothing, and body type. Therefore, it's not surprising that women face tremendous emotional and social issues when it comes to hair loss and thinning hair.

Confidence is one of the most important qualities that a woman can possess. Often, a woman's first reaction to hair loss is to hide the bald spots. For many, this reaction comes out of a genuine desire to have the hairstyle she had before the onset of hair loss and to a certain extent denial. For others, it comes from the panic and fear of people seeing the bald spots and passing judgment. Check in with yourself and assess the level of anxiety you have about others' noticing your hair loss. How do the societal expectations of how women "should look" influence how you feel?

Hair texture and length is a defining part of many women's image and identity. Changing hair colors and styles is a major way that women express their individuality. When hair loss is present, it may seem like the most important part of your beauty has been taken away. We feel that instead of focusing on hair loss, and letting it rule your emotions, why not focus on what you can do about it. It feels good to take the first step to a new you.

It sounds so rational. Why think about the hair you've lost, when you can think about the hair you can have?

Specializing in non-surgical hair loss solutions for women, MHN Hair Studio can help you find the perfect, natural looking wig or hair addition to compliment you, your sense of style, your personality. Schedule a consultation today and learn more about your options.