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A New You in the New Year!
December 29, 2014

A New You in the New Year!

Win at your resolution!

What if you resolved to do something that didn't require heroic effort, dogged determination, or a commitment to compromise? What if the magic were in just doing it? Feeling great about your hair is something we can help you do every single day. The only effort it requires is that you start the conversation with an open mind.

We do the work.

Our job isn't to get you in our office and urge you to pick something. Far from it. We are licensed and certified professionals with extensive training in modern hair restoration systems. We match specific prevention and restoration options to the unique types of hair loss they were designed to resolve. We'll give you the details about all the options that will get you individual results, but that's because we want you to be informed and able to recreate your new look at home every day. You can learn as little or as much as you want about your hair loss and the technologies involved in treating it.

Results are guaranteed.

Restoring your hair is a resolution that will actually work. Even if you forget to think about your hair for a day (and we hope that happens!), you won't have failed in your commitment. Don't just resolve to do something about your hair loss. Resolve to feel great and come in with that attitude. Talk to us about your expectations and the toll your lifestyle takes on your hair and scalp. Work with us until your results match the vision you have now for your future.

There's no drama.

Some hair restoration options like laser therapy and DHT blockers help you keep your hair and cause new growth. Since these solutions activate natural biological processes, they create results over time. Other options where we add more hair guarantee results after just one session. With this second kind of treatment, we have total control over the pace at which you receive results. If you want to get the most bang for your buck out of your first treatment, that's fine. But if you want to gradually restore your hair for a more natural (and less dramatic) progression, we can add fullness and coverage over time.

No matter what option turns out to be best for you, we'll always work to mimic your natural hairline. The natural-looking addition materials and sophisticated attachment methods won't give away your secret. We'll make sure your newly restored hairline doesn't either.

You don't have to wait!

Are you ready to explore? Still skeptical? Give it an hour before the turn of the year. Come in to MHN Hair Restoration for your free hair & scalp analysis. Find out if we have an answer for you so you can stop wondering and start taking back your hair for 2015.