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Why would I do Hair Augmentation?
January 26, 2015

Why would I do Hair Augmentation?

Issue 1: Augmentation

 The problem with the term "hair augmentation" is that it's mostly made up of the word "augmentation." Naming something with an ugly word is a great way to give it a bad rap. It sounds complicated, technical, and expensive – kind of like surgery, which everyone knows is one of the options for reversing your hair loss.

At the heart of it, "augmentation" is a very accurate word for what we do at MHN – at least in part. Google will tell you that augmentation as "the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount." We certainly do make hair greater in amount, as well as length, volume, density, which you could call size. What this definition leaves out, though, is that it's not just about quantity. Quantity is the easy part. Our craft at MHN Hair Restoration is to make your hair greater in appearance. We know that the meaning of "greater" is subjective, and that it's something you define. That's why we work with you to choose the greatest medium, create the greatest vision, and deliver the greatest results you could ask for.

Issue 2: Reputation

 "Hair augmentation" sounds old. It conjures images of wigs and plugs and toupees. At MHN, those things just aren't reality. We're not working in that world.

Can you think of some celebrities who've had hair augmentation at some time or another? Sources say that they include Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian. Even Taylor Swift. Yet no one makes mention of hair loss. That's because adding hair doesn't have a bad reputation. People from every class and culture add hair to get length without waiting for it, style they don't have naturally, and the kind of vibrant color that destroys natural hair with its harsh processing.

The thing that scares people – especially women – about hair augmentation is that it will turn out badly. That people will be able to tell, that it won't look natural, and that the solution will end up giving away the problem. But those stories about celebrities having hair extensions are almost always speculation. You know why? Because even people who are zooming in to pictures to look for signs of hair augmentation can't find them. They think the style looks too good to be true, but they can't say definitively whether a star has had hair additions or not. This is exactly why you should visit a hair-restoration specialist at MHN and not just a normal hairstylist. We're the experts at hair additions – with hair loss or without. We can create results that turn heads – or not. And we'll restore your hair in a way that preserves it, which can't be said of stylists who will damage your existing hair just to put in an extension.

2015 is going to be a great year.

 If your hair is thinning or shedding, all of this is awesome for you. Technology and techniques have finally reached the point where both men and women have real options for augmenting their existing hair. You don't have to choose a wig to have seamless hair. You don't have to go bald to go natural. There is literally an option for everyone, and the quality comes from the application.

Here's why Hair Augmentation is an option in 2015.

  • It feels really good (literally).
  • It feels really good (emotionally).
  • It looks totally natural.
  • New hair is completely undetectable.
  • The results are guaranteed.
  • It's more affordable than ever.
  • No cutting, stitching, or injections.
  • We can do anything – any style, density, or part of the head.
  • The rate of change is up to you. It can happen all at once or gradually, like hair grows.
  • We have exactly what you need – hypoallergenic, synthetic, 100% virgin human hair, unprocessed hair – you name it.

You must have known there had to be a better way to deal with hair loss. Now you've found it. Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with a hair restoration specialist to find out your options.