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Hair Loss Partner
May 26, 2015

This is why you need a hair-loss partner.

Losing hair is just the beginning.

Hair loss is what we call a precipitating event. It's the match that starts a forest fire. Since hair is so personal, and so ingrained in our perceptions of ourselves, losing it kicks off an emotional journey like none other. For some, it's a rocky road. For others, it's an avalanche.

All of the bad feelings.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a double-edged sword. When you start thinning or shedding, you'll probably run into a bunch of negative emotions that can't be reasoned away with logical thinking. The kicker is, as soon as you start spending time thinking about your hair loss, the guilt sets in. It seems like such an irrelevant thing. It's so common, so insignificant, and so seemingly harmless. Dealing with your hair loss – investing time, research, and even money – brings a whole extra layer of doubt. You can find yourself in a catch-22 of self-judgment, where you hate that you're losing your hair, but you also hate that you care.

Sounds pretty hopeless, right?

We totally get it – all of it. There's a lot of useless information out there, a lot of hype, and endless reasons to just hole up in your house with some ice cream. Here's the thing, though. The reality of your hair loss starts getting better the moment you start accepting it. The first step in recovery is acknowledging you have a problem, and the sooner you're able to do that, the better you'll be able to take meaningful action.

Your cure starts with you.

There's a psychological approach called Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). It's a way of navigating problems while accepting that certain things can't be solved. It requires realistic expectations and, when successful, can eliminate anger and resentment. We're definitely not psychologists, but we do feel that accepting the reality of your hair-loss situation is the first step in working towards a cure. Once you've acknowledged the problem and that you're still suffering because you don't have the resources to deal with it, you'll be ready to start working with a hair-loss partner.

MHN is a partner that gets personal.

MHN is not a normal hair clinic. We are not hawking snake oil, we don't want you to lose more hair than is absolutely necessary, and we won't try to convince you we've found the holy grail of hair replacement. Our work isn't about products or cures. It's about individuals. It's about you. We help people every day to figure out the very best approaches for their own hair loss. We work with men, women, and children of all ages. We will give you the time, patience, and access to resources you need to make a truly informed and thoughtful decision. For some clients, that decision is simply to accept hair loss and do nothing. For others, it's to delay hair loss and add new hair. In the best cases, we have the incredibly rewarding pleasure of reversing hair loss for good.

Find your hair loss partner.

The only thing standing between you and your personal answer is access. Your hair-loss partner, whether it's MHN, another studio, or a therapist, is the bridge that connects you to a world of possibility. You can begin your research alone, but only a qualified and trusted partner can make your journey effective, efficient, and painless. To find out if we're right for you, just start a conversation. This isn't about pressure. We're here for you.