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March 23, 2011

International Beauty Show

This show is all about learning the latest trends in makeup, skin care and hair styling trends.  For the staff at MHN it’s important to attend shows like the International Beauty Show to stay on top of the trends in hair styling and pass that knowledge along to our clients.  We understand that the field of hair restoration is specialized and unique but we also need to provide our clients with on trend hair styles and color. 

This year the show was all about warm colors for women.  Beautiful intense reds and for blondes: gold shimmering highlights.  Once again we saw a lot of straight hair and medium length hair with feathered bangs and layers.  For men we saw longer hair styles and rich brown and caramel colors.  There were live demonstrations on hair cutting techniques taught by Nick Arrojo and Ted Gibson.  Overall the show was great and highly informative.