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June 27, 2011

Flora’s Easy Summer Hair Care Plan

Gabe, too, was staring at the same woman. "You say something, honey?" he mumbled.

"Your beach towel is on fire."


A few weeks ago, I had my hair highlighted. Tired of my drabbed out hair color, I wanted a new look. My colorist, who’s worked on my crazy locks for years, says: "take care of your hair this summer". I promised him I’d soon have the healthiest head of hair in the universe.

I pulled a peach-colored hat out of my tote and put it on. The hat was to keep the sun from crisping my hair, and my face from burning. The rest of my hot weather hair-care plan is just as easy:

  1. Use a deep protein conditioning mask once a week to protect your hair from getting dry at the ends. Deep conditioning treatments also provide much needed moisture during the hot summer months.
  2. Use products that are mild and chemical free. Sulfate free shampoos do not have the harsh detergents that can strip away color and life from your hair. A sodium, sulfate and paraben free shampoo will gently cleanse your scalp and help soothe and moisturize your hair.
  3. Buy a summer hat in your favorite color. (You already know about the peach hat.  Not only does it hide my hair from the sun, but the salty beach air, as well).
  4. Find your swim cap. (For swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water.)
  5. Keep sunscreen protection for hair around the house. Purchase a great Conditioning spray with UV protection (I use it when trimming the backyard bushes) to keep your hair from frying. If you are a man or woman with thinning hair or hair loss, use SPF 40 or higher to protect your scalp.
  6. Learn to meditate. (This was my idea. It may not help grow healthy hair, but it can’t hurt. Maybe I’ll be less stressed about it.)
  7. Eat a lot of fresh veggies, especially the dark green variety; take advantage of seasonal non-citrus fruit. (Mmmmm . . . blueberries.)
  8. Drink plenty of water. Hydration is important for healthy hair and skin.
  9. Walk a mile each morning. (This goal requires getting out of bed early and it’s not going well.)
  10. Try not to use the blow dryer or flat iron every day. The hot weather on its own is stressing your hair; the added heat will only make it worse. Let your hair air dry first and use the blow dryer to finish up the look if needed. If you have wavy hair, show off what Mother Nature gave you, your hair does not have to be straight and smooth all year round.

That’s my strategy, and if you drop off #9, it’s a walk on the beach.

Turned out to be a pleasant holiday with Gabe, and it’s easy to spot me in the 5,000 pictures he took - because of the peach hat. My grandmother once told me that loving yourself isn’t a feeling, but shows in acts of good self-care. “You don’t have to feel kind to act kind,” she said.

So, I stick to my plan. I hope you stick to yours.