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For many women who struggle with hair loss, the ideal solution is a hair restoration system, something that can be easily integrated into existing hair to provide fullness and length while also appearing natural and seamless. MHN Hair Restoration is happy to provide solutions that fit this description, including custom integration and custom prosthesis solutions.

We have been leaders in this field for more than 50 years, and are certified in some of the most advanced hair restoration applications currently available. Everything we offer to our clients is proven to be safe and effective. More than that, though, we take great pleasure in getting to know the women who visit our salon, and extend to each of them friendship, care, and support. Our stylists want to help you find the hair restoration solution that’s best for your needs.

MHN Hair Restoration is proud to offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to visit our private, comfortable studio space for an evaluation. Additionally, we invite you to read on as we highlight some of our best hair restoration solutions for women.



Now you can have natural beautiful hair with a completely undetectable hairline. Reallusions® is an upgraded non-surgical innovation specifically designed for women with androgenetic or female pattern hair loss. At MHN, we have expertise in applying the full range of Reallusions® solutions. We’re the exclusive Transitions International provider in our region!

With Reallusions®, hair can be replaced in any area of the scalp, recreating a totally natural frontal hairline. Reallusions® is specifically designed for women who suffer from female pattern baldness or alopecia, as well as burn and scar victims.

Our goal, and the mission of Transitions International, is to provide affordable hair restoration and women's hair loss solutions while providing care, compassion and confidentiality to each and every client. Reallusions® – it’s more than just hair. It’s a way of life!

Custom Integration Gemtress

Custom Integration - Gemtress

Our stylists are trained and certified in the application of the Gemtress system, which is the leading hair restoration system on the market today. Custom integration offers many advantages, not least the fact that women can use their existing hair, integrating new hair to provide maximum volume and length. Women who have struggled with thinning hair can once again enjoy a full head of hair. What’s more, these custom integrations are lightweight and comfortable. They are attached in the studio and can easily hold up over the course of daily activities. Reapplication is needed every four to six weeks, and for many women this is an enjoyable part of the process—a great opportunity to spend time with your friendly MHN stylist!

Custom Prothesis

Another option for women faced with hair loss is a custom prosthesis. Again, the selling point here is how naturally a custom prosthesis can be integrated into your growing hair. Our stylists will work with what’s currently on your head to customize a prosthesis that will add volume and length where you need it, while also smoothly blending in with your existing color, wave, and style. The prostheses we develop are all made with natural human hair, and as such they match both the appearance and the feel of your own, growing hair.

With any of these solutions, you’re invited to sit down with a stylist to select the color, texture, and length you’re looking for, and to talk through the best ways to address your hair loss long-term. The process begins with a complimentary consultation. Get yours today by joining us in the MHN Hair Restoration studio.

  • Feel Confident Again

    Feel Confident Again

    Losing your hair can also cause you to lose your confidence. This, in turn, can make you impose restrictions on yourself. At MHN Hair Restoration, we want to restore your confidence and eliminate those restrictions. We look to impress you with the hope of hair replacement.

    Learn more about the different options that are available to you. Contact the MHN Hair Restoration team in New York today, or come visit us and receive a free consultation.

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